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Interior Design
Office Design
Home Styling

StewartHomeDesign works with clients to design or renovate spaces that meet your needs. I Create affordable luxury design that are timeless and suitable for the function of a spaces interior.

 StewarthomeDesign want to provide clients with excellent customer service and outstanding Interior and exterior design. I provide the following services upon request.


  • Select samples, including flooring,carpet,  Tile selections, and paint to be approved by clients.

  • Plan Architectural detail such as crown molding, built in niches, recessed lighting.

  • Draw up floor plans and sketches

  • Submit drawings to construction inspector to ensure the design meets buliding codes.

  • Travel to galleries and furniture store(Compensation must be included)

  • Plan and estimate budget with client for projects.

  • Arrange Furniture, hang artwork, 

  • Follow up with my clients to ensure design specifactions have been met.

StewartHomeDesign offers a range of Commercial Office Designs. From Small businesses to Corparate offices, Creating a unique space that fits your business needs are one of my professional skills. I make sure that your business needs are met within a design to appeal to your target market. From industrial and contemporary to chic and modern. We are here to set your office apart from the ordinary cubical style. We want to create a funcational,structural work space to satify you and your consumer. Exceeding your expectations is our biggest goal. Let StewartHomeDesign be apart of your new office design. 

Home Styling is a best part a home's interior.  Everyone from homeowners to real estate investors, StewartHomeDesign Creates affordable luxury for anyone who needs a space made beautiful.


In all service provided we take pride in our  high standards for quality and customer service. StewartHomeDesign appreciate that every one of our client is different and enjoy creating spaces that are unique and that will be treasured for a lifetime.


 StewartHomeDesign is ready to create amazing spaces with you.

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