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About Me


Hello, my name is Navard Stewart. I am an Interior Designer serving  the Metro Atlanta area. I have had a passion for design since the age of eight. Since then I have proudly committed over five years of Interior Design Services. My passion came about while one day at the grocery store with my mother in the check out line I saw this huge house on the front cover of a magazine. Not knowing the title of the magazine or the cost, I asked my mother to buy it for me. Upon first glance of the magazine, I was fascinated with the colors, patterns, and structural design. At that moment I knew Interior Design is where I belong.


I decided to pursue an education in Interior Design. After receiving my certifications and associate's degree online, I moved to Atlanta to pursue my dream as a Designer. Upon my arrival, I had the opportunity to become a head designer for a major construction supply company. I was able to successfully design over 500 bathrooms and common Living areas. I have designed everyday family homes as well as high end luxury homes. Including homes for  notable public figures. During this time, I  received outstanding customer satisfaction surveys as well as awards from the C.E.O of the company I worked for.


 Throughout my experiences, I have come across an important question that I ask all of my clients. Do you love your home? The answer is mostly no. A home is a huge investment, why not make it a home that you love? It is my mission to make sure that you fall in love with your home. Whether it is to recreate the master bath you dreamed of or to revamp your kitchen. No project is too big nor too small. We will start with a vision and a budget that accommodate your needs to create your dream home. 

If you dream it, I can create it. 



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